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Law Firms & Attorneys for Estate Planning

  • Edwards Law Firm - 88 Riberia Street, Suite 140, St Augustine FL 32084 - Info: 904.215.3350  Firm focuses on estate planning, probate, trust administration and elder law issues.
  • Law Offices of Shorstein and Lee - 305 Kingsley Lake Drive, St Augustine, FL 32092 Info:904.829.3035 Legal guidance and representation regarding criminal law, probate law and personal injury matters.

Investments & Financial Advice - Tax Deferred Annuities, Fixed Annuities, Roth IRA, Variable Annuities, Keogh Plans, ESOPs, Section 403(b) Tax Sheltered Annuities


  • Morgan Stanley - 100 Southpark Blvd. Suite 100, St Augustine, FL 32086 - Info: 904.829.8313
  • Edward Jones - 170 Malaga Street, St Augustine, FL 32084 - Info: 904.824.0507
  • A G Edwards - 100 Southpark Blvd. Suite 414, St Augustine, FL 32086 - Info: 904.825.4997


  • Jackson National Life Insurance Company -
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance Company -
  • Prudential Insurance  -
  • The Hartford - 860.547.5000
  • Guardian Life Insurance Company -
  • AIG - 877.638.4244
  • Northwestern Mutual Life - 414.271.1444
  • Aetna -
  • Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company - 877.669.6877
  • Pacific LIfe Insurance Company - 800.722.2333
  • MassMutual Financial Group - 800.272.2216
  • Unum Provident -
  • Allstate Insurance Company -
  • AFLAC -
  • Minnesota Life -
  • Horace Mann -
  • State Farm -
  • AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company -
  • Transamerica -


  • Bank of America - 60 Cathedral Place, St Augustine, FL 32084 - Info: 904.819.1300
  • AmSouth Bank - 130 N St Johns St, St Augustine, FL 32084 - Info: 904.824.8414
  • Bank of St Augustine - 120 State Road 312 West, St Augustine, FL 32086 - Info: 904.824.5600
  • Prosperity Bank - 790 Ponce de Leon Blvd., St Augustine, FL 32084 - Info: 904.824.9111


Glossary of Terms:

Fixed Annuity - An investment vehicle offered by insurance companies that guarantees a stream of fixed payments over the life of the annuity, usually defined as the life of the annuitant.

Variable Annuity - A life insurance contract which provides future annuity payments to the holder of the contract, usually at retirement, the size of the payments depends on the performance of the portfolio's securities.

403(B) - Plans are retirement plans for certain kinds of tax-exempt employers.

Roth IRA - A type of IRA established in the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, which allows taxpayers, subject to certain income limits to save for retirement while allowing the savings to grow tax-free. Taxes are paid on contribution, but withdrawals, subject to certain rules are not taxed at all.

Term Life Insurance - Life insurance that provides protection for a specified period of time. Common policy periods are one year, five years, 10 years or until the insured reaches age 65 or 70. The policy doesn't build up any of the nonforfeiture values associated with whole life policies.

Variable Life Insurance - A form of life insurance whose face value fluctuates depending upon the value of the dollar, securities or other equity products supporting the policy at the time payment is due.

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